Monday, September 15, 2008

Crazy Weather

75MPH wind gusts in Ohio!

Over 53% of the AEP customers in Franklin county are without power- I am in the fortunate 47%. My power lines are underground.

That didn't stop tree limbs and debris from littering my neighborhood. It looks like we had a funnel cloud rip through. One half the street will be block, then 40' farther down the other half- it was like driving an obstacle course.

My neighbor lost a tree which blocked the entire street- he's always seems a bit inept, so I grabbed my chainsaw and went out to help clear it away. Idiots kept trying to drive around the tree, while I standing there with a chainsaw. A few people joined in to help haul away the debris, but just as many stood around watching.

I think they were waiting for first blood.

Schools for a 50+ mile radius are closed, as are many businesses. You just don't see weather like this very often!

I hope Roberta X, roomie Tam, and Tiger's Eye are all doing well; I understand the Indy area was hit as well.