Friday, October 26, 2007

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Where's the "Launch Alert Vipers" button?


David over at Random Nuclear Strikes brings up a good point, one maybe I should touch upon.

One of my aims is to try and tell some of the fun and bizarre stories from the shop in a humerous light. Now, I'd be lying if I said I didn't scowl at the lady with the paint bottle return mentioned earlier; but, as I said in my comment over at Random Nuclear Strikes, I get very upset with my guys if they don't greet every customer that comes through the door, and do it with a smile. Nothing irks me more than entering a retail store and no one says boo.

Also, is it so much trouble to actually clean the floors and straighten the shelves in a hobby shop? Not in mine- but some of them... (shudder!)

It goes with what I was saying the post below; it's tough being a hobby shop today, and customer service is one of the few things we have over the Internet and the chain stores. The old style, surly attitude of the grizzled hobby shop guy just won't cut it anymore. You have to get off your damn stool, come out from behind the counter and interact with people- and hopefully in a pleasant manner. And you've got to be nice to the kids- they're future customers!

We do get some real characters in the hobby shop- given that we carry everything from wargames/miniatures, scale plastic models, model railroading, radio control vehicles, rockets... well, you get the idea. Like the homeless guy, who was designing an airplane for NASA that would travel at hypersonic speeds due to the gases he would vent along the leading edge- and he needed our help (!?the hobby shop guys???)to design it.


Anyway, David- if you're ever in my store, you'll be greeted, and greeted with a smile!

(PS: I don't own the store, I just run it)

14" of Hot Steel, Streaming Through the Night

First, allow me to welcome Shooter from Parallax Adjustment to inaugurate my new section, "Blogs I Like." He added me to his linky-love section, and it would be not very cricket of me not to do the same!

In the comments below, King Tiger, or as I think of him "Der Königstiger" (also added to Blogs I Like), speaks of the death of the local independent hobby shop. Alas, this is very true. Our primary competition comes from ye olde Interweb; some other pressure from the chain stores and such. So, like most small "mom and pop, brick and mortar, etc" stores, we try the "Value Added" approach; knowledgeable, helpful staff, repairs and advice, that sort of thing. The sad truth is, even modelers need to watch their hobby budgets now days, and they try to help us out with their everyday purchases- but small dollar paint and glue sales won't keep our doors open.


Each month is tougher than the last- but enough of this maudlin horsepiss.

So, I know that many bloggers have been remembering Agincourt (... we band of brothers!) or Lord Cardigan and the Charge of the Light Brigade at Balaclava (I say, that's a nacky bit of gunnery....)- but not only I am a big history geek, I am a NAVAL history geek!

So, today marks the end of the three day battle know inclusively as "The Battle of Leyte Gulf." The greatest sea battle ever, IMHO.

So, to you few, wonderful, treasured readers I have- here's an assignment.

Halsey- idiot or incompetent...?

For Extra Credit- If Mitscher hadn't been such a grumpy old codger, would events been any different?

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Nothing like watching someone drive up in a $40K Lexus SUV to return a $3.00 bottle of model paint.

That's been half used.

The arguing with the minimum wage clerk for a refund, as if by returning the paint the customer was exercising some inalienable, god-given right to free model paint, and we were going to return the money or we'd loose them as a customer.

Sometimes, just to make them leave, we give 'em the money with a smile. Ok, a scowl.

Other times, we make our little Custarian stand, and we will by-god hold these over-privileged, be-perfumed barbarians at the gate. Over three bucks, plus tax.

I live for those little petty dictator moments.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I work in a locally owned hobby store. As anyone who has worked retail can tell you- they said it best in the movie Clerks;

"This job would be great if it wasn't for the f***king customers."

We have this guy who calls on a regular basis. He has a snivelly, weird nasal voice. Every other words seems to be an "Um" or an "Ah." We'll call him Fred.

A typical Fred Call;

Me- "Thank you for calling ****, how can I help you"

Fred- Um, ah, yes. Is So-and-So there? (he alternates which employee he asks for)

Me- This is he/he doesn't work today/he will be in later

Fred- Um, ah, what do you know about P-51 Mustangs?

Me- A little, what can I help you with Fred. (as there is no doubt who the caller is)

Fred- Oh, ah, um, yes; on the P-51, there are three lights on the end of the wing....

Me- Yes, the formation ligh....

Fred- the formation lights. Now, on the P-51 *D*, what was the color of the *third* light, on aircraft flying over Europe in 1944? Was it Green or blue. Because on some pictures, it looks blue, but they are supposed to be green.

Me- ....

Fred- Also, on the Merlin engined ones, built after 1944, the oil filter....

Me- Yes?

Fred- what color was it?

Me- .... blue.

We've all gotten to the point where we just make up answers for Fred.

Holy Crap! Two shout-outs from two of my favorite bloggers!

Thanks Cajun!

Thanks Tam!

Now to see if I can write some intelligent sounding posts....

Wednesday, October 10, 2007