Friday, November 9, 2007

Eh, it's only money.

Anyone who build models for a hobby can tell you, kits are getting more and more expensive. I was just remarking today that the latest models from Dragon (DML) have crept above the $50.00 mark. Granted, most of their kits don't require much in aftermarket parts- but similar kits were $35.00 or so earlier this year.

Of course, a good kit and the fixin's still cost less than a good meal or a night's drinkin'. Not that my customers care. Daily, I get regaled with tales of $0.25 kits and how glorious those days were. None of them remember the horrible fit of those kits, or how the amorphous blobs barely resembled the appropriate subject matter- but those were the days! Apparently there was free beer flowing from taps marked "Testors" as well. Dang my luck!

And when did DML become the King-All-Importer of all Asian models not Tamiya or Trumpeter?

One last thing- because I can feel my rant getting on, and it's late. What's the constant fascination with German equipment? It's gotta be more than just the variety of subjects. I swear, I could fill a jar with feces, slap a swastika on it, and sell it.

BTW-are either one of my readers model builders/kit collectors?