Friday, October 26, 2007


David over at Random Nuclear Strikes brings up a good point, one maybe I should touch upon.

One of my aims is to try and tell some of the fun and bizarre stories from the shop in a humerous light. Now, I'd be lying if I said I didn't scowl at the lady with the paint bottle return mentioned earlier; but, as I said in my comment over at Random Nuclear Strikes, I get very upset with my guys if they don't greet every customer that comes through the door, and do it with a smile. Nothing irks me more than entering a retail store and no one says boo.

Also, is it so much trouble to actually clean the floors and straighten the shelves in a hobby shop? Not in mine- but some of them... (shudder!)

It goes with what I was saying the post below; it's tough being a hobby shop today, and customer service is one of the few things we have over the Internet and the chain stores. The old style, surly attitude of the grizzled hobby shop guy just won't cut it anymore. You have to get off your damn stool, come out from behind the counter and interact with people- and hopefully in a pleasant manner. And you've got to be nice to the kids- they're future customers!

We do get some real characters in the hobby shop- given that we carry everything from wargames/miniatures, scale plastic models, model railroading, radio control vehicles, rockets... well, you get the idea. Like the homeless guy, who was designing an airplane for NASA that would travel at hypersonic speeds due to the gases he would vent along the leading edge- and he needed our help (!?the hobby shop guys???)to design it.


Anyway, David- if you're ever in my store, you'll be greeted, and greeted with a smile!

(PS: I don't own the store, I just run it)